The OpenSpots API provides a list of recently vacated on-street parking spots in the vicinity of a lat/long. The listed OpenSpots events have a location and timestamp when the Openspot was reported. All OpenSpots events represent a public, on-street parking opportunities.

The API is designed for the creation of an in-vehicle parking experience when a driver is searching for or should be aware of parking at their location. As such, it’s not appropriate for bulk download of data in any form. If your requirement is different and this API does not work for you, please contact your INRIX representative.

GET OpenSpots

There is one API endpoint: openspots/events. It returns a list of OpenSpots events around a location in a google polyline format and the time the OpenSpot was created. The call also optionally returns a length field indicating the size of the OpenSpot derived from the reporting vehicle.

Example Call${userToken}&radius=1

Call parameters:

Example Result

The result is a JSON array of 0 or more unordered OpenSpots events with an age between 0 to 5 minutes.

        "polyline": "ogqnE|bgrU",
        "ts": "2021-05-14T18:16:24.974511-07:00",
        "quadkey17": "02301231121111022",
        "length": 4.85
        "polyline": "y_snExjfrU",
        "ts": "2021-10-19T13:51:22.866511-07:00",
        "quadkey17": "02301231103333223",
        "length": 5.25

This is a RESTful API, which is extensible. Callers should safely ignore keys that they’re not expecting.