The API utilizes the blocks api. It simplifies some prequisites and returns the nearest segment at a given point.


This API aims to give the end user a simple and easy to understand message. We focus on alerting the user when parking is not allowed, not on giving them exhaustive information about the parking rules.

A typical workflow would be:

  1. Can I park here API
    • Request /caniparkhere/v1 filtered by lat long.
    • Receive {segment} data.
  2. Client – Filter through segment data for info regarding particular segment and segments nearby.


Can I park here v1 queries can be made as follows:

  1. Querying a lat long for the nearest segment.

Example request

User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:49.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/49.0
Accept: application/json
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Authorization: Bearer


GET Return the parking segment that is closest to the given point.


  = required
Name Located In Type Description
latlng Query String Used to select a circular region based on a point and radius. Lat and long in decimal degrees are separated by a comma symbol. For Paris, France: 48.864468,2.3388274.
radius Query Double Optional radius in meters, usually not required. Parking information will be retrieved for a approximately circular region around point, with specified radius. Radius cannot be more than 200 meters. If no segments are found within the radius, an empty response is returned.
duration Query Integer Parking duration in minutes. If omitted, information is returned about the current parking availability. Duration cannot be more 480 minutes (8 hours).
locale String (to be implemented) An ISO 15897 language descriptor such as `en-US`. We will translate the `rules` and `side` part of the response. # Aim to support French, Spanish, German, maybe others.


200 The closest segment in a given radius around the lat long point. Additional segment in the same block are listed under `segmentRules`, so the receiver can optionally display those too. In the example below, only one additional segment is shown but in reality, there are usually more.
  "start": 142,
  "end": 185,
  "side": "RIGHT",
  "polyline6": "ezi{_A~sz~`FlOmR",
  "rules": [
    "Each Hour (Mon-Tue | Thu-Sat; 9am-6pm; 9 Hour Max): $1",
    "1 Hour (Wed; 9am-10am): $1",
    "Wed (10am-12pm): No Parking",
    "Each Hour (Wed; 12pm-6pm; 6 Hour Max): $1",
    "Mon-Sat (6pm-9am): Free",
    "Sun: Free"
  "segmentID": "826357f3-9897-45c4-bd40-a0783aec3950",
  "isOpen": false
  "segmentRules": [
      "start": 60,
      "end": 122,
      "side": "RIGHT",
      "polyline6": "_{j{_A|z{~`F~Vm[",
      "rules": [
        "Mon-Tue | Thu-Sun (7am-2am; Residential Permit Only): Free",
        "Wed (7am-10am; Residential Permit Only): Free",
        "Wed (10am-12pm): No Parking",
        "Wed (12pm-2am; Residential Permit Only): Free",
        "2am-7am: Free"
      "segmentID": "91819789-620d-44c4-ae77-6456f5c7e3aa",
      "isOpen": false