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GPS Data Upload Service

API for sending INRIX multiple GPS points (real-time or historical) in a single JSON POST request. The GPS Data Upload Service has required fields (such as lat/long, device ID, and timestamp) as well as optional fields.
You must contact INRIX before using optional fields to ensure compliance with privacy standards.

The production endpoint, which should only be used with real data, is:

For testing purposes (including sending test data) the “beta” endpoint is available:

The beta endpoint should not be used for load testing, since it has 10X less capacity.


POST gpsdatastream


  = required
Name Located In Type Description
accessToken Query String A valid access token provided from the GET appToken API response. Alternatively, the accesstoken can be added to the request header instead of a url parameter using format 'Authorization: Bearer'.
Content-Type Header String must be 'application/json'
Content-Encoding Header String use 'gzip' to indicate gzip encoding (optional)
rid Body String A optional unique identifier for the request
dat Body Array Data records. For maximum throughput, the recommended batch size is 4000 records per request (which will typically be ~1.5MB); at this size the response time will be ~5 seconds.
Value Type Description
vid string The VehicleID/DeviceID is a unique identifier for the source of the data points. This ID will be anonymized upon receipt by INRIX.
ts number The timestamp is the moment when the GPS measurement was made. "Must be a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds since January 1, 1970 at 00:00:00 UTC. For example, March 14, 2015 12:00:00 AM would be 1426291200000"
lat double The decimal degrees Latitude. Must be between -180 and 180 degrees.
lon double The decimal degrees Longitude. Must be between -90 and 90.
hd number The Heading/Direction in degrees at the moment when the GPS measurement was made. The acceptable values are in the range of 0-360.
sp integer The Speed at the moment when the GPS measurement was made. Units defined by the spm field.
spm integer The Speed Metric in which the speed was recorded. The acceptable values are one of the following MPH (MilesPerHour), KPH (KilometersPerHour), MPS (MetersPerSecond) or KNOTS.
ha number Horizontal accuracy
other array Array of name-value pairs for sending additional data
Value Type Description
name string Name of the name/value pair providing additional data
value string Value of the name/value pair providing additional data


Example datastream request
    "rid": "52f7861c",
    "dat": [
        "vid": "da398a0e3aac34087093c980b7ae3511"
        "ts": 1426291200000,
        "lon": -122.362225,
        "lat": 47.722165,
        "hd": 181.0,
        "sp": 12,
        "spm": "KPH",
        "other": [
            "name": "VehicleType",
            "value": "CargoVan"
            "name": "VehicleWeight",
            "value": "12000"


200 Success
    "copyright": "Copyright INRIX Inc.",
    "createdDate": "2018-05-10T00:17:45.471Z",
    "responseId": "52f7861c",
    "result": 165