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The Reviews API may be used to create a review for a lot.

Creating a Review

Create a review via

curl -d ""

Required parameters

review string The text of the review.
lot_id int Lot ID
stars int Stars

Optional parameters

email User’s phone number
first_name User’s first name
last_name User’s last name

NOTE: If email, first_name, last_name aren’t included, the request must have valid Auth headers for an existing user

Response Payload

The Response payload will be in the form of a JSON Object with a property called “Review” which will contain all the details for the user.

  "review": {
    "stars": "4",
    "last": "Cena",
    "user": null,
    "lot": "5b78c10c-0e49-11e2-b0be-12313d1b6657",
    "text": "was pretty good i guess",
    "review": "3c032781-b47b-423a-a3d5-4fadcc33e684",
    "email": "",
    "first": "John"
  "success": true

Error Handling:

In the event that there is some ERROR in the request parameters, and/or a trappable error on the server, an Error Response payload will be returned:

  "ErrorCode":        1,             // 1 = Query Parameter Error
                                     // 2 = Server Error
                                     // 3 = Credentials Error
                                     // -1 = Other Error
  "ErrorDescription": "Missing uid"  // String Description of the Error

Error codes are as follows:

# Generic Error Numbers