TPEG is a specification for traffic-related data created by the Transport Protocol Experts Group, and controlled by the Travelers Information Services Association. It provides a format for traffic and travel related services, such as traffic flow, incidents, parking, weather, and fuel. INRIX provides a service that delivers data in TPEG format, allowing applications to retrieve the data in a highly efficient and configurable fashion. INRIX’s TPEG service significantly reduces the amount of data delivered by:

The INRIX TPEG documentation contains the following sections:

  1. Why Use TPEG?
  2. How Do You Get TPEG Data?
  3. For What Locations Does INRIX TPEG Return Data?
  4. In What Format Is Data Provided?
  5. What Data Does INRIX TPEG Provide?
  6. Additional TPEG Resources
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