Welcome to the INRIX API documentation

INRIX APIs provide programmatic access to INRIX’s rich traffic and parking related data sets in real time.

If you are new to our APIs, start by reading our Getting Started section below. For detailed documentation of our APIs, go to the Products section.

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Getting Started

Step 1: Get Credentials To call any of our APIs, you need credentials which can be requested on this page.

Step 2: API Authentication All INRIX APIs require an authentication token when requesting data. The Authentication page describes this process in detail.

Step 3: Get Data Use the authentication token and call one of the INRIX APIs. In general, these APIs allow you to specify the geographic region you are interested in and the type of data you want. The API response can be either JSON or XML and where appropriate an image file. If you have specific questions, look in the Reference section in the left nav for general Best Practices, a Glossary of terms used in documentation and other details needed when calling some of our APIs.


Traffic INRIX XD traffic information for over 50 countries
Speed INRIX XD traffic information to incorporate into your products
Traffic Tiles
Traffic Tiles INRIX XD traffic on images for easy overlay on your map
Safety Alerts
Safety Alerts The INRIX Incident Service provides information on incidents that can impact traffic
Fuel Stations
Fuel Stations Fuel Station Service returns data about fuel stations such as price, fuel type, and location
Traffic Cameras
Traffic Cameras Traffic Camera Service returns data and images about cameras that automatically capture pictures of traffic on major roads.
Routing Routing Service provides integrated traffic-influenced routing services.
Drive Time Polygons
Drive Time Polygons Polygons that specify how far someone can travel within specified durations on a given day and time.
TPEG Connect
TPEG Connect Traffic data in TPEG format optimized for Automotive use
Parking Provides key information for off-street and on-street parking.
Lots Off-Street
Lots Off-Street Used to return a list of parking lots with location, pricing, restrictions, and attributes.
Blocks/Meters On-Street
Meters On-Street Used to return parking information on one or more city blocks
Reservations Used with Off-Street Parking API to facilitate transactions
Occupancy Used with Data APIs to display historical occupancy
Users Used either to authenticate (log in) or register users.
Destinations Used to request cities, neighbourhoods, and venues with parking information
Reviews Used to create a review for a lot